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Did you know that it’s going to snow?  Yeah.  It is.  Tomorrow and maybe Friday and maybe we’ll all lose power and be buried underneath all the snow drifts.  Of fluffy ice-sleet-snow.  That’s going to fall tomorrow.  Did I mention?  Snow.

Now, some of you in other parts of the country are all, ‘wtf EVER Oklahoma.  It’s just snow.  In fact, we deal with it quite often.’  To which I say 1.  Bully for you, now shut up.  and 2.  your snow and weather is probably normal where as our weather is seriously bat balls crazy.

Snownadoes.  I wish I were kidding.  That’s what happened on Christmas Eve.  Fucking tornadoes, wrapped in snow.  Also, hee!  “wrapped” and “Christmas” – classic me!

Thankfully we’ve got some crackerjack weather men.  There’s Mike Morgan* who hopes at least one person freezes to death outside the studio so he can get a live shot.  There’s Gary England** who’s losing it.  Seriously.  He makes no sense anymore.  And the guy from Fox who broke his finger drunk at a party*** (they don’t even deny this).  Local Fox25 is awesome – not to be confused with national Fox News which makes me want to chew glass and put my eye out with a raptor claw.

Here’s Channel 4’s latest with David Payne: (I tried to embed but it didn’t work – sorry).

First of all, where is Mike Morgan? Huh? I DEMAND MORGAN! Second of all, that’s great that Colorado is going to get “dumped on”, really fascinating stuff and has so much bearing on what I’m worried about. Third of all, hold me! Fourth of all, nice cheesy snowman graphic and the prediction that “some roads will close”.

Since weatherlove is yet another thing Danny and I don’t exactly share I wasn’t paying too much attention when he told me how this system works. But I heard the words El Nino. El Nino is a weather something or other that basically exists to screw with my life. I will write Mike Morgan and ask him to freak out about it on air. Or I would if he had a facebook like the rest of the civilized world.

Really, this is just a post I wanted to put up to bitch about Mike Morgan.

* and ** – adorable wikipedia entries.

*** – no mention of the finger break in his bio, disappointing.


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