• Are you a licensed therapist?

Hell no.   However,  I have considered opening an office in Second Life.  Alongside my law office and hooker’s den.  That’s all a work in progress.

  • Does the advice come dogma free?

Always.  I don’t have any theories and I don’t expect you to have any either.  Share whatever gets you through the day, it doesn’t have to be attached to any faith, ideology or sense.

  • What how did you come to believe that everyone needs therapy?

Good question.  Thanks.  No problem.  Actually, a good friend told me years ago that he believed everyone should be in therapy. At the time I assumed this friend was overemotional and, since he had gone through the difficult process of coming out and that I would never have that kind of baggage because -despite the fact that I want to make passionate love to


I am not a lesbian.  However, life has proven this friend’s words true.  It doesn’t matter if you have trauma or a problem with too many good things happening, you probably need a little help dealing with it all.

  • Why not pay for therapy?

I absolutely think you should pay for therapy or seek out places where you can get some for free.  If you can afford weekly sessions than that’s awesome.  Share the wealth and give us poor people some tips!

Look, I want to be perfectly clear.  In no way do I mean for this blog to actually be a replacement for good, professional counseling.  I want you to share your experience and maybe get some advice but please, if you are about to bleed all over your screen – call someone.