Seriously. Last night was a mess of waking up. Fox babbling some nonsense about his damn bandaid. I swear that child goes to sleep thinking he’s awake and when he wakes up he just starts where he left off.  Bandaid gets fixed, Fox on couch with the Snuggie (don’t judge, they are wonderful cheap pieces of crap). Fox back up, still on the bandaid. Then Leo. Then Leo some more.

Functioning is done. Gray matter is squishified.

Which means….

survey time bitches~!!!

1. Would you rather be married and miserable or single and miserable? I wouldn’t rather either of these things. Next!

2. Are you the type that when you see someone that looks better then you, you get jealous? No, I get turned on.  I mean, come on. Duh. Stupid question. I get jealous when I see ugly people because I know they get to walk around turned on all the time.

3.  Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam? Sink or toilet?

4. Who is the cooler Nintendo character: Fox McCloud or Link? Oh god, this is going to cause controversy. Nerds, have at it. My take is that Fox is cooler in the Fonzie sense but Link is cooler in the going on a quest and actually having a fun not shit game sense.

5. Pop-Tart or Toaster Strudel? Tough one. I like the tart for it’s classic shape and array of flavors. But the strudel has better icing and a better overall taste.

Now you!