Oh my jeebus. It’s so hot in here. They have the air conditioning off for some reason, not really sure, maybe I should have read the official looking email. Coffee isn’t helping but what am I supposed to do? Quit drinking it? I know, please.

Flip Off – Kludgy

BWS tips button– Boobs

We all know the drill.

F you Self – you lazy lazy lazier. Today there should be a final Fancy Horse competition post but there is not. That’s because I’m ****. Instead of putting them up last night, I had to dust and watch Bones. Then I had to make myself feel better for being so lazy and wrote a list of the things that bother me in Bones (top of the list: the “lesbian” going “bi” then marrying a “man”). THEN I had to have lots of Sweets fantasies. For those who don’t watch Bones reruns this is Sweets.

Yes, I prefer

Sexy,David Boreanaz

I’m like a manboyfemininasexual. But hot guys just do not do it for me. I want em skinny, girly but with male parts. Let’s evaulate my tastes at a later date shall we?

moving on…

F you hot – I can’t work under these conditions. This is NOT fancy horse.

I can’t even breath. I may go outside to escape this madness. Outside!

Leave your f’s. And your Sweets love.