Wow. The response has been really overwhelming. I honestly thought I would have to find some pictures and then pretend people sent them to me! In fact, today there will be 2 posts. Try not to piss yourselves.

Again, if you are a liker you’ve already seen these but you can marvel at their fanciness all over again. If you are not a liker, I ask you, why not? No but really, like…why not?

Sorry, sorry. Send in the fillies!

A Drag Fancy! You know he's in drag because all horses are boys. Just like all cats are girls and all turtles are old.

Fear and Loathing Fancy. I think I called this a 'whorse' on facebook. I'm incredibly clever.

At some point pink became the go-to color for poodles and ponies. I'm strangely ok with that. Something girl-primal happens when I see a sweaty horse spraypainted the color of a sunburnt vagina. I lose it. I'm all, 'Oh my god! Oh my gaaaawwwd, did you see that? It's a pink poodle or horse or rat or whatever. It's so cute! ohmygod, I need a drink. I need a pink drink and I need my picture taken with that fancy pink horse over there.' that a female, neck braced Elvis?

Does this count as a fancy horse? I'm not really sure. But it's got a tiny horse and a baby in it. Throw in a baby hippo or a squirrel hugging a penguin and I'll declare this the winner. Maybe tiny things in piles can be the next one.

Now, discuss. Analyze. Take this seriously. I know I do.Then, come back at 2:30 for more!