Hell yeah.  I give you some Fancy Horses.

I really don't even think I need to say this - but damn! What a Fancy Horse. This is a goth fancy. He was like, 'ok here's what needs to happen. I need a dark scene, with maybe some skeletons and some absinthe and what? That's your mom's camera and she doesn't know you have it? Well...goddamnit. Here's just take my picture by this lake. No! Not with the ducks. Asshole.'

This was originally suggested as a profile replacement for Unicorn Stud. Perfect for a Fancy Horse! This dame is smoking hot and striped and overall just very fancy. I mean, yes, we caught her in a bad moment picking her teeth with her phoenix claws but that's ok.

A Renaissance Fancy! This is so exciting because, I for one, love the Renaissance Fair. It's like a classy version of the State variety. NOTE: A State Fair horse is never fancy.

Now I know what you are thinking? This is not fancy. This is possibly some State Fair imposter. Ah, but look closer. It is indeed a normal horse, sniffing the crotch of....PUDGY ELVIS! Elvis = Fucking Fancy. All day long. No exceptions.

The competition isn’t over yet! Keep looking! And remember, when Fancy Horses are on parade, everyone’s a winner.