Some of you are nodding in agreement. Some of you are horrified. I welcome all emotions toward horses.

So, here’s the deal. I am BORED with this blog mess. Not other people’s blogs, my own. All I do all day is rattle around and Lady Gaga is still not my friend which I thought would happen, like, four months ago. I have decided that what I need is a little competition.

A Fancy Horse Competition!!!

That’s right fillies fire up your bridles and strap on some pleather chaps.

Find me the greatest fancy horse (or unicorn, or dolphin, or worm with a tiny saddle) and you could win – something. I don’t know what yet.

Rules: You cannot just image google search Fancy Horse. I know what it returns and it’s not nearly fancy enough. Get creative bitches.

Ways to enter:

  1. Post it to the facebook page. If you aren’t a facebook friend yet, click the badge to the left or just search for Free Therapy.
  2. Email me at
  3. Twitter: you can follow me and DM or @ a twitpic but I warn you, I don’t so much check the twitter.

I’ll post them as I get ’em!

Here’s an example:

Look at this fancy horse (?). This young lass is like, 'I need a horse my size. No make that a freak zebra. With a janked up hair do. Then an outfit for me. Oh, and Daddy? MAKE THAT SHIT PINK.'