Alert: To everyone who does these blog hops –

if you don’t and you are like ‘what the what is a blog hop’ then just tune this part out, go, like, I don’t know, read some Robert Pattison gossip or something –

oh but then you have to come back and hear me bitch and then you bitch ok? Great.

Back to alert: I do read and I do commiserate and I do laugh. I just can’t really bring it with the comments all the time because of j.o.b. duties. It’s a bitch. I know. Also, please please PLEASE put your full blog in a reader. Half feeds  = unfriendly times.

The end of ALERT!ALERT!ALERT! <—oh maybe I should have done that at the beginning of the alert? Whatever, it’s done, moving on.

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F you position of new desk – Worst. position. ever. My back is to my door which means people can straight sneak up on me. You see? Right then I had to turn my head because every slight noise or shadow gets me paranoid. Plus, there’s some kind of new universe law that says no one will come see me for HOURS until the five minutes I decide to look at facebook.

F you Vendor Who will Not be Named – Don’t get snippy with meh. I will eat you for breakfast. There’s a new sheriff in this town and his name is ME. First, FIX THE PROBLEM. Don’t go pissing off my libraries and brushing them off. Second, yeah, you know what? It’s not that I’m an idiot who doesn’t understand your product, it’s that your product sucks. Though I should thank you because now a library thinks I’m awesome and powerful. You need to learn that lesson as well.

F you Psyche – What is wrong with me? Why do I like the villains? Last night we were watching Dr. Who (duh, of course we were. Now we have a DVR (bliss!) and so we can recored Star Trek while watching Dr. Who! It’s a paradigm of brilliant proportions!). Anyway, what? I’m ADD today. Right. Villains. So I’m all like, ‘Yeah Saxon/Master (the villian) and whatever whiny Doctor (the hero)’.  Why does that happen? In my defense, Saxon is ambitious, better looking and, oh yeah, he’s got a bigger screwdriver.

I really should not be surprised that there's a Dr. Who card game but I am.

Finally, F you Tummy – I know according to my blog searches report that people are searching more ‘baby hippos’ than ‘Taylor Lautner shirtless’ so cute, short, chubby things are every happening but…I mean, it’s been a year since the c-section. Plus, the hernia(s) removal…so, why? Why do you still look 4 months pregnant. It makes me want to hibernate.

Your turn lovelies.