This was so much fun last week that I thought I would do it again. And, since it’s my blog – away we go!

Also, thanks much to Dazee for an award/shout out. Much appreciated though we’ll see if I actually do anything with it…

My pee cat licking a snocone. This will make sense later on.

Onward soldiars, onward to yon survey!

1. Are you a free-thinker? What the? Free? What the hell are you some kinda fucking socialist? Get out of here with your ‘free’.

2. Do you view ‘The Barefoot Bandit’ as more of a hero or a scoundrel? I put this in because I LOVE THE BAREFOOT BANDIT. Love him.

3. icecream or snowcones? snowcones. Deeeuuuhhh.

4. Have you or were you in band during high/middle school? Hang on a minute, let me go check something – nope, I don’t have a million zits, a unibrow or a problem socializing in languages other than Klingon. So no, I was not in band. *note: band nerds DO NOT get offended. You served a very important role of make the bleachers vibrate during games. I do love a good vibrating bleacher.*

5. Which do you prefer…gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy is vomit. Gelatinous vomit.

6. Do you see a point in going to the movies as a social activity anyway? Oh, I’m so glad you asked because – NO. I am not a huge fan of movies and going ‘collectively’ to a movie is fine but don’t act like it’s a big activity you are all doing together. Maybe hanging out afterward and talking about it, sure but the watching together…unless you are a movie talker, in which case, shut the fuck up.

7. Where are people more friendly? At the bar. Um, duh.

8. Would you go to watch a movie on your own? Yes. You want to know why? Because it’s not a social activity.

9. Do you, or does anyone you love, smell like pee? Oh my god, my cat smells like so much pee. I don’t know if I love her though…maybe that doesn’t count then?

10. Want to be a Happy Nurse? Um, what? No, no, decided I don’t actually need to know more – I’m just going to say YES!

Now you go!