You know that commercial about pizza where all the kids get excited for Tuesday because Tuesday is the day their parents get high and feed them pizza or something? That’s how Friday feels now. Only instead of pizza, it promises me lots of pissed off bitches.

I do love pissed off bitches.

So Flip off Friday via Kludgy AND Fawk You Friday via Christy.

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Lots of K/C sounds around here.

F you new desk – Possessed. You stole my vanilla midgies and held them captive for 20 minutes! I need vanilla midgie to get through my day…I’m like a reverse diabetic.

They say "limited edition" but that's a lie.

What I’m really afraid of is that it’s the spirit of the little old lady who we had to force out cause she was such a cagedy old wench she wouldn’t leave. Bittle is not happy. Bittle is like, ‘I will STAY. I will stay, in spirit, in this desk and I will make you PAY.’

I liked Bittle. I choose to believe that her desk possession isn’t personally directed at me. But she better let the f go before I whip out some internet exorcisms on her.

F you IT guy – with your harking. GOOD GOD MAN. You need to see a fucking specialist. I’m worried that since now I’m the closest person to you, it’s going to be my responsibility to do the 911 when your chest explodes. You should go on tour. Seriously, this guy is the greatest walking (for now) anti-smoking campaign. I think if you opened him up he would look like one of those rubber duck bath toys that the Today Show freaked everyone out on.

Ummm, yeah, and that’s really all. Strange. Happy week I guess.

Leave your f’s below.

This week F stands for furniture.

Again, not really.