There’s nothing I like more (besides maybe balls and Star Trek) than lists. Lists are the greatest organizational took ever. What makes lists even better is when I’m on them.

There’s this list called the A-List over at Blogger’s Concierge which is by a couple of ladies wanting to help out the world. By world, I mean, bloggers. Same difference. So I wander over to see where I am on the list and horrors I am not there. What the fuck? Oh, but then I see that you actually have to write something about your blog.

Bitches. Please.

I will do this but only because I deserve list love AND because talking about myself is great fun (for me)….(and for you too, don’t even lie).

So what to say about the magicK that is Free Therapy and it’s Aness?

First, A is my bra cup size – so, there’s that.

Second, a bunch ofย  Assholes read this blog and I really need to rise Above them.

Third, I help people. It’s about coming together and talking and working through issues (see category Therapy Mondays). Then by talking about other people’s problems I will be famous. This makes me Oprah. Oprah is A#1 – ergo I am A#1.

Fourth, and this isn’t an A but

Unicorn Stud.

He lives here.

I know!

There you have it 4 super awesome crew reasons that I should be on the A-list. And if you read this blog you will be

as well.