That’s right, it’s UFO Day! What? You weren’t aware?

Aliens hate suburbia.

In our house, this is kind of a big deal. This is the post where I tell you that Danny believes in aliens. And not just a little bit. He’s like, committed to the cause.

Fine by me. I cherish being the normal one.

When I say committed I mean, card carrying. Conference attending. Call in radio show doing. He’s met Stan Friedman. He’s stood in the middle of a crop circle. And yeah, the boy’s name is

Here’s some ideas of what you can do to celebrate UFO day:

  1. Get drunk on rum then sit in a boat on a lake, at night, alone, fishing – guaranteed abduction!
  2. Get drunk on vodka and take your car out to a dirt road, at night, alone, sleeping – guaranteed abduction!
  3. Get drunk on tequila, go to Area 51, at night, alone, climbing the fence – guaranteed arrest!

Or you can look at the sky and wonder. Imagine all the possibilities. Just think of each thing that had to happen in order to stitch your tiny existence together and how impossible those things are. I mean, really, the nervous system? Complex and impossible.

Aliens don’t seem that far fetched. The universe is waiting and stretched beyond anything I can ever comprehend and the only message that I have for you on UFO day is the same one I will give you every day

Look. Up.