So, by popular request (2 of you) sea shanty it is! For those who aren’t facebook likers (why not already?) this is Unicorn Stud – he represents all that is right in the world and the sea.


I have decided to go with a call and response shanty. Interactive blogging!  Call and response works like this:

I sing the big fantastic lines, then you chorus in with rousing nonsense words and beer clinks but then – you have to shut up really fast so I can shine again ok?

Ok. Here we go. Oh – the title of the shanty is Unicorn Stud of the Sea but if you’ve got a better title let me know. I’m not completely sold on that one.

This is Unicorn Stud's mom - Delilah.

Me: Oh…his mother was a hooker ladyspy living on the shore.

You: A-hye! A-hey!

Me: His father was a tentacled pirate captain of the LORE.

You: A-hoe! A-hoe!

Me: A short nine months later our hero was born – the son of a whore. (naturally because that’s how these things work)

You: Unicorn Stud! Unicorn Stud!

2nd verse –

Me: His mowhawk was made of seaweed and  his chaps of barnacle shells.

You: A-hawk! A-hawk!

Me: He had a long white horn that held his twinkling bells.

You: A-ring! A-ring!

Me: He had a voice so beautiful it rang out o’r the swells.

You: Unicorn Stud! Unicorn Stud!

3rd verse

Me: One day he was called from his home in the sea.

You: A-way! A-way!

Me: He felt an evil and knew, he had to meet his destiny.

You: For sure! For sure!

Me: He walked on land and for the first time he could be sparkly.

You: Unicorn Stud! Unicorn Stud!

That’s all I have so far.

Oh and just in case I never get around to doing the whole shanty (totally and completely plausible since rhyming takes effort and meeehhh) – here are the other characters.

Westerly Carmichael - the best friend. He's very white. He's a pirate unicorn who lives on land, like a land pirate.

Robot BotRo - the villain. He's a robot and a unicorn which is very evil.

Also, I think Unicorn Stud needs a name. Leave your suggestions below.