Update: Oh, it’s actually called Friday Flip-off and I found it at Amy’s Blam General Foolishness!

I can’t remember where I saw this (if it was your blog, please let me know so I can link!) – F You Friday.

I guess it’s like a blog thing? I don’t know but I want on board.

As a renowned internet historian, I can say with great authority that the internet was created for two things:  nude pictures and telling people to fuck themselves to the moon.

Along the way though, the internet has gotten distracted with dumb crap like worthy causes, and social networking without being dirty, and expressing yourself positively.

That ends today.

Of course we have to start off with

F you BP – everyone is saying this but you know what? It’s truth. F to the G to the Z BP. Not only are you British but you are an asshole. Or arsehole, my bad I don’t speak redcoat. This whole thing is stressing me out and every time I see the birds and those little crabs running for high ground I get sad.

F you horses – I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time. Horses. What the hell are these things? Who even needs them? I mean, after ancient explorers? I always hear people say they are majestic and beautiful. Are you people high? Horses are weird looking and evil.

See? Horses will carjack you and eat your face. EVIL.

F you fellow commuters – are you trying to cause an accident? I mean, is that your entire goal of driving like your shrooms have kicked in? It’s rush hour, modern society’s biggest oxymoron – just slow down and chillax.

Let's see...should I cut off that semi while sending a text OR should I drink my coffee while tailgating? So many choices. Notice also - British.

Ok, I think I’m good for now. Oh, I don’t actually hate the British. I’m kind of jealous of them because they get to be so cool and marry Princes and stuff. Also, dreamy accent. But once, a skinny Brit dumped me after I came all the way to England so I wrote the whole island off.

What about you? I don’t mean, how do you feel about the British but who do you need to tell off?