Oh great. Stupid America voted stupid Lee DeWyze their next Idol. Good job morons. I’m curious just what was it that made you want him so badly? His complete lack of personality, his gravely barf voice, his lazy eyebrow thing?

This sucks. Suuuuccckks. Because now, since I posted that picture way a long time ago lots of people come and freak me out. And now they, the Lee Lovers will tell me that I suck.  Wonderful. Just…

You know? Sometimes I think people have a point about middle America. Because I think this Lee DeWyze travesty (for me) comes from that. Just like last year’s Kris win.

Idol is now dead to me. Dead.

I need to get cheered the fuck the up. I have an important presentation tomorrow which may decide my future and I can’t be all worked up about goddamn Lee DeWyze.

He’s ruining my life.

Was that overdramatic? That felt a tad overdramatic. Yes?

Ok, reeling it in.


Ok, no, not really. I mean, not him, just his picture. And by extension his face.


Serenity now.

Elijah Wood in Cabo.


And, so what’s up today? Any exciting news?

*note: no pictures in this post because pictures get me in trouble. Instead, please enjoy this purple font.*