Believe it or not, sometimes I have no idea what to even blog about. Which is weird considering I live on Gumdrop Mountain and recently tussled with Lord Licorice.

Here's a picture I took of Danny in the yard this morning.

I mean, ok, yes Danny ran over the cat in the garage but that’s their issue. Not mine.  Cat is fine btw. By that I mean, the physical wounds have healed. Danny has a history of traumatizing Kitten. When she was tiny he blew her mind by bouncing her on the bed not once but TWICE. She hasn’t been the same since. She needs this blog.

Sadly, she is a cat and she can’t read.


Today I want to hear what is on  your mind.

What have you been doing lately? Who are you sleeping with?

I care more about one of those questions than the other.