I thought I would share the sites I go to when I’ve just had major painful dental work with more to come (bright side being the lovely Dr. Chang!  oh, but seeing me numbed up and drooling like a coma victim…maybe not so bright.)

when I’ve just found out that I have 2 (!) hernias that will not, in fact, disappear if I eat organic and do yoga. No. They will only ever get larger.

when facing possible furloughs at work means scheduling hernia surgery now.

So let’s recap, pain delivered by Dr. Chang followed by pain delivered by creepy Dr. Whoever (already forgot his name).

Anyway, here’s where I go when I need some comfort, Internet-style.

Cute Overload – omg, an overload of cute. Here’s an example of what you’ll find there:

You totally just melted to a puddle didn't you?

I don’t think it’s any big secret, especially since I have a super popular other blog about manga, that I love all things Japanese. I dream of waking up a Harajuku teen (and no, I do not have gender preference in this wish).  Check out Tokyo Fashion. Examples of what I would wear if I truly had the balls/money/legs/neon to pull it off:

Awesome. Love the homemade sign too. I love homages.

Here’s my favorite webcomic, Alien Loves Predator.

I also love blogs from my internet friends.

Pretty All True

Daily Dose of Dahl

They are like my “IRL” friends except with blogs and they don’t bug me about annoying shit like the rest of you IRLERS.

Ummmm, could an IRLER please bring me candy and quiche this weekend? I will be single momming it and I need some. I love you. I hope you found something in this post that made you feel better.