I have a terrible memory. Here’s a story I about how bad my memory is. Once, at the end of college, my mom was like, ‘we’re going to your advisor to see if you can graduate’. I was pretty damn sure I was graduating, as long as those caf hours I didn’t do weren’t an issue. (Caf hours or “cafeteria hours” were what you got assigned when you, oh, let’s just say,  got busted drinking on campus and screamed at the security guards for littering the lawn with breathlizers while also proselytizing on how stupid the dry campus law was and also while barefoot kicking at shins….or so I’m told, I don’t really remember). ANYWAY, caf hours were stupid bullshit and I am not down with stupid bullshit so I just didn’t do them.

I was also not down with my advisor so I told my mom we would ask the other professor who could be a stand in. The only class I was worried about was Comp II. I had kept meaning to take that class. But then I thought, how did I take all these other classes without that one? Curious. Yet, I had no recollection at all of the class. Curiouser.

So we go in and tell the prof that I’m graduating and she is all, ‘yup all looks good’ and I go, “Right, except…um, Comp. II. I don’t think I’ve taken Comp. II” and she looks at me with the concerned crazy face. It was silent for a really long time. Uncomfortable amounts of long. Then she goes, “You took it with me.”

A whole class! I forgot an entire semester long class. So, yeah my memory sucks.  Which isn’t as bad as you might think. I’ve got journals and pictures and people tell me stuff that makes me remember. Plus, the past is a hard place to be. Either way it hurts, whether with the memory of something painful that you can’t change or the memory of something good that you can’t get back. What a suck deal.

Still. When I do remember it tends to be in a large wave usually set off by some event.

This past week my forensics coach died.

so many memories.

I’m not going to relate them all because you’ll probably just find them boring, plus, they are mine. She was important to me because she was confident that I could be anyone besides myself and until the day I was ok with being myself, being all these other people was fine. Better than fine.

That whole episode with the student coppers? That was a direct effect of Reed who was never one for authority or rules or, you know, sobriety.

I had a time remembering this past week, even though some of it made me sad.

How about you? How or what do you remember?