I’ve been wanting to go back to these days

First off, married folks ONLY. Don’t want you single ladies to enjoy the pleasures of sexual intimacy. Did we say pleasures?  Oops! We meant perils! PERILS!

I wonder where her douche husband is headed off to? I mean, really is the odor that bad? I doubt it. I truly doubt it. You know why? Because I’ve lived with men and there’s nothing in the world that smells like a man.

I love that she keeps her home immaculate and looks as “pretty as she can”. Like, there are limits.

It is super important to marital happiness. Super. Important.

Also, scientifically safe and effective and oh my god people used to douche with soda and salt?????

I’m seriously beginning to hate the things I’m learning about status quo genital history with this project.

Also, in reference to the blog title, Fuuuuuck you Sigourney Weaver.