Apparently, I’m so very 2002. 2002 is

Actually, that’s an improvement for me considering I’ve spent the past month trolling around 1990. But do any of you notice that? Noooo, instead you are just all, oh boo 2002 Kelly Clarkston pre-bad ass babe days, you suck.

I guess you guys are

Good for you.

Good for you trying to educate me in your 2010 ways. All, “hey Sadie why the hell are you watching Dr. Who reruns on public access? Gawd. Haven’t you ever heard of this little show called LOST?”

Me: What? No? What’s it about? Is it a land of only CAPITAL letters? I guess these guys aren’t like, lost in the where-did-I-park-car kind of way.  They are straight up LOST.

You assholes: It’s about a plane crash.

Me: Trallalalalaala *fingers in ears because if there’s one thing I hate more than medical dramas it’s plane crashes*

You nerds: You know what else is good? Dancing with the Stars.

Me: Is that about visiting space and then dancing on Saturn? Awesome!

You crewcuts: No, stupid. It’s 2010 madness involving fascinating people like Pam Anderson and Buzz Aldrin and Kate minus Eight.

Pammy A? Buzz Zomie Aldren? And I’m 2002?

Well whatever losers. I will keep on keepin on with my Idol recaps and you had better start loving it.

*whpshh* <—that’s the sound of me cracking my whip

…..don’t hate me. I cherish you.