Yesterday, Danny invaded my blog pimping his own (awesome) tattoo find.  Danny invades my life all the fucking time. Be my girlfriend. Marry me. Have my babies. Look at my tattoo finds. Damn. Fine. I’m paying attention to you see? Happy now?

So, this post is dedicated to Danny. Someday I hope he gets a tattoo of that crop circle on his back so everyone can think it’s a celtic knot.

These people actually got it done and the world is better for it. Thank you inkers.

First up – Danny’s find.

Nice. So literal. I also appreciate the tiny little heart protecting my sensibilities. I’ve never seen Tom Selleck used this appropriately.

What a coincidence! Hello Kitty is my Jesus too! The attention to detail is what really impresses me here. I mean anyone can tattoo Hello Kitty on themselves, slap a beard on her and call it day. It takes real genius to include nails and blood spots. Bravo inker.

It’s hard out there for a unicorn. Tear.

Speaking of unicorns….

No words.

Then there’s this bitch. I’m not against boy bands on your back. But who are these guys? How about some New Kids on the Block, or Back Street Boys, or Menudo or something? At first I thought this was the cast of 90210 and I about did a dance on my desk. But no, just some Tasha Yar haircut nobody boyband bullshit.

Finally, we have the captain of all fairly awesome in ways that are wrong wrong wrong of tattoos.