*update: B has solved the mystery! See comments for his explanation and good detective work. He probably has a million important things to do but took the time to ease my mind. I love him. More than Eds who has freaked me out but now I’m happy because it’s actual people and not lobsters who are hating this blog.*

So, this is what’s happening. Basically, that post about Eddie Furlong and his great geese shirt? Remember? Of course you do, it was a brilliant post. Well anyway, all of a sudden, sometime this weekend it starts getting hits. Like a ton of them. Random! It appears that “people” are searching for “Edward Furlong” and finding me. But that has to be bullshit!

1. Who searches “edward” before “eddie” – no one, that’s who.

2. I can’t believe that this blog shows up anywhere near page 1 much less page 100 so wtf?

3. No other posts are visited, there’s no comments, no trace.

Run for your lives the Lobsters are coming! And they are marked with the number 3 - scary.

It’s freaking me out. I’m worried maybe Eds’ Lobster Corp is coming for me. Or maybe the government has decided that they will use my post as a way to communicate with aliens. Or someone has hacked the post though I didn’t find any evidence of that.

These fuckers are good. I’m totally paranoid. I hate it. Thanks to Danny, I already spend enough time paranoid. I don’t need blog paranoia too!

I went to the forums and posted about my issue. On the forums are super smart blog gurus who will help me. At first, I tried to be all vague but they need the post and the blog to run their diagnostic tests – or throw some guess out there, either way.

I’ll update when I hear back. The blog gurus are very genius. I’m posting that so if blog gurus are reading they will feel good about themselves and want to help me.

Any ideas? How you do deal with paranoia?