This fun post from a good blog called Fantastic Fangirls got me thinking about t-shirts I would like to see. Specifically, Star Trek: TNG duds.

You too????

001110000111010100111 – Which is binary code for “STFU, up Beverly Crusher. No one likes you. Especially Picard so quit even trying. You’re too old for him (which is kind of shitty and chauvenistic but in this case I’ll allow it.) P.S. by leaving your dumb blue lab coat open you are destroying the sterile environment.”

Before Justin Bieber there was Wesley Crusher

Bring back Tasha Yar, Zombie Style! – featuring, of course, a picture of zombie TY.

Team Troi/ Team Riker – this will be the big seller despite or maybe because of its complete unoriginality.

My Betazoid brain has clued me into the fact that you are an asshole – I think this one could feature Deanna Troi looking at various assholes. Like Glenn Beck. Or Sonny Bono.

and, based of a Fantastic Fangirls slogan – Worf would not put up with this BULLSHIT

What t-shirts do you want to see? It doesn’t have to be Star Trek. Let’s open up a Cafe Press shop and make lots of money!