Good news! I’ve discovered a new form of therapy. It’s called Box of Wine Behavior Modification Theory. Basically, it involves sending your children (if you got em) to their grandparents. Then, sleeping. Then getting together with your best chick friends (guys I guess for you it would be your other guy friends) and playing an old lady game involving no skill and counting. With me so far? Good. Finally, boxed wine.

The key to this theory is not overdoing the boxed wine and keeping it classy. *snort*

After this weekend I felt great. It’s been a long time since I just sat around with friends and talked or laughed or swapped secrets. Lots of very wrong secrets. You think this blog is offensive? You should talk to some of the Bunco bitches (KVP I’m looking at you). OFFENSIVE.

It’s like coming home.

Then I sat around with people I’ve now known for over a decade and the people that love them. With pistachio nuts and goat cheese which I never even realized I was missing.

I felt old, and young, and tired, and awake and happy happy happy all weekend long. Then, midmorning Sunday I really started to miss my boys. By the time they got home, I was in full on super mom of the world, play on the floor, read books, never let go mode.

So basically, this weekend I got to fall in love.  I fell in love with my friends and their sick, little minds. I fell in love with my favorite person who believes impossible things. I fell in love with my boys all over again like they were new.

Now, don’t worry. I’m sure something will depress/anger/annoy me soon so this blog isn’t going away or getting joyful or some crazy shit like that. Still, spring is here (hopefully to stay?) and I’m going to just sit in my patch of office sunlight and be…content.