Remember when I was all – check this out? And you were all, ‘that’s some crazy shit’ and then you moved on? Well. I didn’t.

We’ve discussed how close I am with the googlegods and how I get somewhat stuck on things. It’s a blessing and a curse. So…

yes, what I’m telling you is there is more to this Lysol douching revolution than first thought.

For your consideration:

“Still the girl he married”. How precious. Marrying girls is so great isn’t it? And I mean, staying a girl is even better! Boo aging. It’s almost as bad as


I like how she drops her illegitimate kid with the nanny. Bye Johnny! And the man’s like, ‘hey kid I’m only pretending to like you until I can send your bastard ass to military school!’

Of course, she “stays young with him” which is code for “fakes orgasms while she thinks about booze”.

Finally, the fear. The fear of incorrect douching and disinfecting. It can lead to many a bad thing. Mainly, HORRORS, displeasing your latest husband. But just to make things more official there’s a scientific brochure.  That comes in a plain envelope. It’s like a metaphor for female sexuality. Hidden, white and, hopefully, disinfected enough to rot a dick.

Bravo Lysol.