I’m SAD. This suck season is affecting me and giving me a disorder. SAD SAD SAD.

Danny says this whole SAD thing is bullshit. At least that’s what I think he said. I don’t know because I was huddled in a ball by the door sobbing and cursing the snow.

It’s spring in other places. Twitter tells me this. I’m in Oklahoma. Some people (not actual southerners) say this is the South. South = warm. So wtf? And why does it make me feel like crap? I mean, I’ve got shelter, warm cocoa, sweaters, I should be ok.

But…I’m not.

My kids are all snotty (in the nose way AND the whiny way). They need fresh air and decent food (the Farmer’s Market opens up soon). I have decided that wearing Wuggs for more than a month is completely bad for your psyche.

Who cares if the world is freezing and they are burning books for heat (which is horribly inefficient btw)? I've got my bright light, spice jar and striped mustard bra. Heeeaaven.

I hear that they use light therapy to treat this. Which is basically sitting under a bright ass light until you feel better. Huh. That sounds like a headache in the making. But I would try it. You know if I could afford this sort of experimental therapy.

Spring is coming, surely, right? When? And will it bring tornadoes?

This keeps me up at night. That and checking the road conditions. SUCK.

Does anyone else have the SAD?