Time change?! Ooooh sob. I'm the worst character on YGG and I can't handle simple transitions.

People.  I did not manage the time change well. Let’s be honest, I did not manage it at all. Which is why I’m an hour late to work. So embarrassed.

What happened? Just a simple series of missteps, I guess. First, I openly and mercilessly mocked a coworker for taking today off because the time change is just too much. Universe didn’t like my pretentious attitude so Universe was like, ‘lesson coming your way. Be nice to neurotic time-sensitive people.’ I was set up to fail.

The second thing was the baby getting sick. Wah. I was distracted and sleeping on the couch because I have this notion that it’s easier to get up from the couch if I need to or that I sleep lighter so I’m more in tune with his little breath. The last thing on my mind was checking to make sure my phone (which I use as an alarm) had changed time. AT&T promises me automatic changeover but AT&T is a liar.

Then, I dropped all the lunchmeat on the floor. All of it! No more turkey sandwiches for me. Thankfully, I had made my Monday sandwich. So, we’re ok there.

Then, I got stuck behind every cell phone talking, trailer pulling, old ass man on the road.

Finally, work and coffee and feeling just ‘off’.

How do you handle the little missteps? They can be very frustrating, can’t they? I just want to start the week over.