Ok, I know you’ve seen that tripping baby on facebook right? Please tell me you have. If you’re a parent, I’m sure the mindreaders have shown you this nightmare. He’s just hanging out on the righthand side of your screen, another fb ad. You glance over and you’re all, ‘oh a bab – what the hell? No! Go away baby.’  But you can’t get rid of him.  Him or that homeless dad who wants to go back to school, probably to rape some coed or something.

Stop with the evil, facebook.

Anyway, I was like, ‘fuck this baby, I’m punching it in the face.’ Click.

And it brought me to a ‘see what you and your partner’s baby would look like’ site and I was all, ‘ugh, BTDT. I’ve got the scars to prove it. Drugs are all gone though.’  THEN, I saw that they blend you with celebrities.


Really, the only logical conclusion to my sick sensible obsession with Eej is to discover what our baby would look like, right?

And here it is –

Ah!~ WTF is up with that Boy George hat? And mismatched earrings? don’t even get me started on the jean shirt – jesus.

This tranny baby got dressed in the dark.

Still, I kind of love shim.  Don’t you?

Then, just for kicks I figured I should see what kind of a baby Miley Cyrus and I would make. Let’s face it, someone is going to knock that bitch up soon so it may as well be me. I could totally use the money and a little buddy for Charlotte Walter.

Not taking into account the bizarre chicken head, it’s pretty cute!

Miley is a slut though, I’m going to have this baby dna tested.