Re: you.   Wow.

You people…are…freaks.  Of really epic proportions. I’m amazed and humbled. Because I put things up and I think, babies – right? people love babies people will love this this post and you are all, ‘meh’. Then I think, ‘I need to talk about balls today but that’s kind of uncouth. No one will like this. they will all run away from me and I will cry over that.’ but I do it anyway and you are all, ‘BALLS! YES! the YES!’.  Then I’m all, ‘whoa. You relate to balls in your face?’ Freaks. THEN, I think, ‘I want to post about my Wesley Crusher, uh, crush. thing. but who wants to hear about that.’ and you go, “Me!” and I accept, happily that you are lovers of balls and Star Trek.  Who knew?

So here it is people, all for you.

Let that fucker fly.

I want to do more for you though because I can’t describe the joy I felt that Data turns you on more than Lady Gaga.  I wanted to express how much right there is in balls and Star Trek so I googled Star Trek Balls and oh, jesus. Lots of wrong there. Disturbing images of Federation insignia being used in inappropriate ways that even I cleared the history out.  I didn’t give up and altered my search terms slightly.  I’m a librarian; we’re resourceful like that.

Star Trek hairy balls got me this gem:

OMG! Tribbles!

But, it’s still not, perfect. Not perfect like you. I took matters into my own hands using my rudimentary astonishing Photoshop skillz. Here you are, with love

Star Trek, balls and, for good measure, the Olympics.  It’s a freak trifecta






My god, is that...Bode Miller's scrot? / I believe it is, sir.

too far?