You know what I love? Learning new words. It’s so satisfying.  So when a friend was all, “You’re a pederast – cool!” I was all, “hell ya, I am! Wait, what? Google that shit, I’m on it!”.  Then the Googlegods told me this.


This whole thing stemmed from a comment I may or may not have made about how I may cross a line with Wesley Crusher if I were aboard the Starship Enterprise. (Yea, Star Trek again. It’s taken over my life. But in my defense, I have seen one Lady Gaga video since deciding that I need to be cooler.)

And look, I’m not talking about pre-pubescent Wesley


but you know, barely legal Wesley,

I've got your thrusters right here, Captain.

when he actually started working aboard the ship instead of just running around like an idiot.

Is that soooo wrong? Don’t answer that. *furiously deleting Crusher/Troi fanfics*

I mean, I can think of like fifty worse sexual deviations.  *furiously deleting Crusher/Crusher/Picard/Troi/Worf fanfics*

Plus, I’m not agist.  Picard? Also hot. *putting final touches on Data/Picard fanfic*

The lesson here is trifold:

1. Learning new words can be good fun.

2. I have the sort of friends who insult me in interesting ways, I like that. Keep it up troopers.

3. I really really need to quit watching Star Trek.

shhhh, not true  Wesley. I’m just saying that so these fools won’t hate me. I’ll wear your face on a t-shirt til the day I die. Hugs.