Loving these interwebz is part of my job.  Literally.  As the web librarian, I’m the one looking for new ways to communicate, disseminate information, reach out, make connections.  If I participate in less than 50 conversations a day I feel lazy.

Most of the time, it’s a great place, this giant bubble of networks and people and their ideas and their expertise.  But then it can be a giant web of fucking networks and people and their ideas and the insecurities and their voices that should STAY in their head boiling up over and onto my screen.  It’s too much.

Last week, it seemed like everyone had lost their damn minds.  Professionally, I had to witness a bitch fight between two then three professional bloggers.  Not fifteen year old girls each under the impression that she was going to the dance with Bobby Bigdick but professionals.  It was ugly.  And annoying.

Then one of my favorite blogs had a mini-I’m better than you and here’s who thinks so ‘no, you’re a bully!’, ‘no, you’re a bully.’ flame war.

Then there was another misunderstanding or something on a creative project I’ve been following and people weighed in with their thoughts on art.  Ohhhh, god is there anything worse than watching people on the internet talk about their “feelings” on art?

John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

It wore me out.  Made me want to go neo-luddite.  Made me want to google ‘ways to make me temporarily blind.’

I sat back, had a cup of coffee and reflected on the issue.

See, there’s a been a few times, I’ve, uh, fuckwadded on the internet.  Back when I gave a damn.  The problem is that while you’re typing you have an audience of one – yourself.  And if you’re really worked up, as we often are because –

then it’s just like talking to yourself.  And if you’ve ever talked to yourself than you know just how big a fan yourself is of yourself.  Am I making sense here?  Anyway, you post and wait for everyone to praise and agree with you only they don’t…because they are too busy talking to themselves.  So it’s this messed up public shower scene where everyone is talking to themselves and addressing a point they probably didn’t even read correctly in the first place – so eager were they to jump in the shower and belt some “Can’t Fight This Feeling”  *GLEE REFERENCE – YAY!”

If you listen really closely you’ll hear the point of it all.  Underneath the people waxing philosophical about what art should be or the nitwits crying ‘it’s so highschool’ or the comics nerds sad that people are actually reading the things you’ll hear the real panicked cry of the internet –

fix it. fix it. fix it. fixitfixitfixitfixitfixitfixitfixitfixitfixitfixit

That thing that’s wrong today and the thing that will be wrong tomorrow, it just needs to be fixed.  That’s the cost of global connection.  To many problems and they have this illusion of being fixed if we can just convince the person at the other end of the screen to agree, to make us feel better, or our own voice to bang around in our own head offering up a solution.

But of course, there’s no fixing it, whatever it may be.

I know better than most just how much weird shit people are into.  You walk into a library and wonder if even half of those books are being looked at and I can promise you they are.  That weird book on “flint knapping” yeah, it’s popular.  Books on carving ducks out of soap.  Totally goes out.

So many different ideas and interests and sometimes we need to step away.  Go to a real library or a real coffeshop and have your conversation about art.  You may miss some of the few brilliant blogs or posts you’ll get on the internet but I promise you’ll hear another voice besides your own.

Then log back on because I totally just found out that Rick Twambley is Mr. Gay Hong Kong and that is why the internet is my best friend.  And I need lots of people to talk to about that.

So, have you encountered any internet fatigue?  or just overall sick of people feeling?