So, this week was (as one always beeyootiful friend put it) super suck.  Long and boring and the Olympics are still all on about themselves with their medals and their snow and their Canadian shit.  Even Danny was talking about it and I was like, ‘Detective Benson where have you goooone?’

Then several things happened but the biggest was, of course, Tiger.

I had completely forgotten my new favorite person was giving a press conference.  He didn’t invite me the bastard, I mean, what do I have to do to get in?  Sleep with the guy?  Ba dum bing!

I was on the reference desk when the ODOT guys said, “we’re just staring a blue curtain”.  How intriguing is that???

So I was all, “what’s going on with this blue curtain? Is it down from the Olympics because..”

ODOT cutie:  No, Tiger Woods is giving a press conference.

other ODOT: Gah, who cares?

Me: Oh, I know.  Turn it up.

And there it was in all its tearful, kind of heartbreaking, kind of not glory.  Then he walked off stage and made out with his mother?

(AP Photo/Joe Skipper, Pool)

Weird but I like it.

Some folks *cough ODOT jerks cough* think this isn’t news.  But it is.  It’s a strange tale about power.  The power of people and their opinions and the power of corporations and their bank accounts and the power of one man and then the power of his penis.  That’s completely epic stuff!

Because, which came first? Who had the power and who gave it away?  Are all these different controls dependent on each other and did they buckle or fall down or did all of them stay upright, only wobbling a little bit?

At what point did the story of a man become more than the man himself and who does that story belong to?

I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it but it’s fascinating.  It’s fascinating that he stood alone but not alone, not really.  It seems both totally justified and unfair.

Also, this and this.

You’re welcome.  Have a good weekend loveadoves.  Feel free to share how you feel/don’t feel about the Olympics/Tiger/Bea Arthur/pizzasandwichesmountains.

P.S. Long live the /!