I wish I was this kitteh.

Or whatever that is.  I don’t even know anymore.

Also, look, I did not watch the Super Bowl.  No, wait, correction – I watched the preview for Prince of Persia wherein I proved how awesome I am and how not-awesome Danny is.  Uh, at least when it comes to identifying games to movies.

Danny:  I think this is Clash of the Titans. * Interjection: Danny is obsessed with this Clash of the Titans movie.  Obsessed.  Daily talking about it and calling out Kraken! in his sleep – truth.*

Me: No, it’s not.  I think it’s Prince of Persia.

Danny: No, it’s Clash of the Titans.  – starts bouncing up and down

Me; No, it’s not!  It looks just like that game you played for months.  It’s Prince of fucking Persia.

Danny:  Clash-

TV: Prince of Persia.

Danny:  Oh.  Well, cool.

Me: Not really but whatevs.

Danny: Don’t say that, you sound stupid.  – he has a point.

So, whatever.  Moving on.  Sleep.

Or lack of.  It seems like lately lots of people have had trouble sleeping or had nightmares or disturbing dreams.  I have an app on my phone that can interpret these dreams if you want to post them.

The problem with lack of sleep is that it makes you suck.  Your reflexes are dulled.  You mind is thick.  But mainly, you are cranky and snappy.  Of course, the easy answer to this one is – get more sleep.  If you’ve got a baby or insomnia or high dollar cable this isn’t always possible.

What works for me:  I get over that weird not wanting to ask for help feeling that we all seem to have and I’m just upfront with what I need.   I’ll ask for a nap or a chance to drink a cup of coffee or a few more days on that project.  Whatever it is, I just take a deep breath put on my apology oh so tired face and ask.  Almost always, more well rested people are willing to help out.

I used to have bad nightmares and I still get them occasionally.  I’m not sure what to tell you there.  I never found a good way to move past them.  They would freak me out for days and eventually fade away.  I tell myself that looking for signs in dreams is crazy but it’s hard not to see them.  So a nightmare will leave me reeling.

How about you?  How are you sleeping?  Does anyone use medication?