I did!  I figured out what the Universe was trying to tell me.

It was trying to tell me this:

I need to be OK with people’s inappropriate displays of inappropriate things.  Why?  Well, it’s a matter of taste.  When I examined it, I realized that while I don’t like sweaty/plastic/neon balls I do like some *ahem* slightly questionable/cool stuff.  But they probably aren’t for everyone.

Example 1:

I adore Junko Mizuno.  I want a mushroom shaped house painted aquamarine and pink with a purple door and I want a two headed cat to live with me in this house and occasionally I want a weird man to drop by and I’ll abuse him with my heart shaped bat.  That’s how dedicated I am.  In my head.  So when I saw you could put this on your car?  Oh, you know I flipped my shit.

Instant email to Danny  –  I NEED THIS TO LIVE.

He disagreed.  But then I saw this wall poster

And I was like, – No, Scratch that.  I need this to continue feeding your children.

Then he replied, It’s inappropriate.

Me: It’s art!

Danny: It’s naked women and a syringe whip.   You have children.

Then as I was about to go home and really argue the Universe sent a pair of balls to calm me down.  Maybe wall boobs aren’t the best thing for my house right now.  Even if they are Mizuno.

Example 2:

Jesus loooves the little children...

My cool good looking friend posted this and I was like, WANT.  I know the caps thing but really, when I start on this kick it’s all or nothing.  I started to ebay but then I realized that it would be sacrilegious and phony.  See, I don’t believe that Jesus should molest children.  So putting this on my wall would be a lie.

Example 3:

Then my other gorgeous friend was like, ‘you should get a Flaming Lips fetus.’ and I was like, ‘the wha?’  Then I wanted one.   And I still want one.  So pony up bitches cause my birthday is in 5 months.

Thank you Universe.  I have seen the light…so, um, now you can tuck those things away.  Thanks again, hugs and kisses to the Moon.