So, I’m going to go ahead with this post despite the fact that I had this conversation earlier:

Me:  Come look at my friend’s twins!

Danny:  Her boobs?

Uhhh. But anyway, Danny is a great guy.  I realized that maybe you were reading this new blog and thinking that I just married some freak who talked all about his weatherlust and named plants and was not on the same level of hot as me.  While, yes that is all true, there’s lots to love about Danny.

For example, you can thank Danny for this picture

These are:

  1. His name is actually Danny.  Like, it’s not Daniel.  Just.  Danny.  Oh and his middle name is Edward. I know!  It’s a big schizophrenic mess.
  2. If an intergalatic war starts Danny will know about it before it happens and we will be saved.  Good luck to you and your husband who stupidly worries about where Bret Favre is playing next year.
  3. He doesn’t watch sports except for OU football.  And when he does watch OU football he puts up with me yelling about how much I adore the tiny Jimmy Stevens.
  4. Great dad, like eight million times of greatness, the George Barack Gahndi Washington Obama Dhali Lama of dads.
  5. We actually discussed hunting bigfoot on our honeymoon  – unironically.
  6. He looks like Pacey.
  7. Sometimes, when we’re sitting around talking about cats, he’ll bring up ALF.
  8. He’ll send me stuff about Eej and Eds even though I’m pretty sure it makes him die a little inside.
  9. Even though he thinks robots with A.I. will bring down the human race and this is crazy not true, at least, he’s willing to discuss robots – unironically.
  10. He has terrific taste in women.

There you have it – Danny’s an all right guy.

He just walked by and was all, “what are you doing?”

Me:  Posting on the blog but you can’t read it yet!

Danny: Two posts?  In one day??