That would be me.  Though I’ll probably regret saying that because baby law states that now both boys will wake up screaming and I won’t be bored at all.

So – what am I doing?  Glad you asked.

Next I will come for your children.

I’m looking at the iPad.  Is it awesome?  I…don’t…really think so.  Do I want one?  Um, yes.  Yes all the time on that.

I don’t even know why.  As this person says – things suck.

I’m sure the next generation of iPadians will be able to take pictures, run flash, summon Jesus – but for now, they are like giant iTouches.  And the iTouch (besides having a pornographic name – but then again all things are pornographic to me) is pretty lahame.  See?  What I did there?  I emphasized how very very lame it is.

Also, I would like an iTouch please.

#shutthefuckuprightnow  <—-see?  what I did there?  I interwebz humored and to save myself from the indignity that is surely coming out of your mouth I need to be able to say – yeah, but I posted that from an iPad. Then, you’ll be all like #ohmysweetlordyyouareneat

It’s just that I’m so susceptible to what the media tells me is cool.  I believe them.  It is cool.  If I have a first generation iPad I will be cool.  Instantly and totally.

The thing stopping me isn’t the price because, what ups credit.  I’m an American and I love me some debt.  It’s the data plan.  I have to pay for the thing then pay to suck data out of the sky (or however it works, I don’t care so don’t send me emails explaining it, thanks.)?  I don’t actually know why this bothers me so bad but it does.  It puts it out of my reach and makes me indignant.

Danny has a good explanation of why this should make us all mad but it’s long and involved and thoughtout so… just trust me.

I’m hoping that I can make a cardboard iPad knock off and no one will notice.  I’ll be all like, ‘yeah I have one – it’s just sleeping right now.’

Of course, I’ll buy into the data plan if the iPad starts coming in pink.

with geese on it.