Ice is here! Sort of.  I mean, I guess?  I don’t know.  Danny assures me that ice is coming and I can see a thin layer on the bathroom window.  But…

Here’s our window.  See the pretty ice? 

I guess taking pictures of windows is kind of stupid.

Here’s the other thing that I found in our bathtub.


Danny has a long history of trying to keep plants alive.  In our first apartment we had a hanging plant that died and then hung there for months.  Then there was the tree in Atlanta that got to live in our house for the winter.  That was quickly followed by the gardenia that Danny named and moved around so it could get sun.  Then we had a bamboo plant that I made him throw outside because it had gnats and sticky goo stuff on the wall.

Of course,  here we have the giant maneating petunias of summer.  They were a big hit.

All of these plants (with the exception of bathroom lily) have died.  That’s my favorite part.

I’ve gotten distracted from what I was really going to say because all I can think about is that stupid plant in my bathtub.