Ew, first posts are always the worst.  I need therapy just to get through them.  It’s that weird mixture of please read this and oh god don’t think I’m a huge narcissist for having a blog.  Love me!  Like me!  Take my picture and hang it up in your locker!  Aaahhh!

I decided to start this blog after someone dear recently made this gem of an observation, “You’re fucked up.  You need some therapy.”

And I was all, “Yeah asshole, I know but that shit’s expensive!”  Only then, I realized I had no idea if therapy was expensive or not. I assumed, like all things, there must be varying levels and costs associated with therapists and the drugs.  I mean, of course, I’ll be wanting some of those – how much would all this really be?

So, I decided to call my insurance company and after arguing for twenty minutes about how “YES I’VE SEEN YOUR WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP WEBSITE AND IT DOES NOTHING FOR ME” – I finally talk to someone who proceeds to ask me all sorts of uncomfortable questions:

Insurance Wench: Is this a mental health emergency?

Me: What? the what?  why would I call you-

Insurance Wench: If this is not an emergency have you consulted the website?

Me: Die.

Insurance Wench:  What can I help you with?

Me (mumbling because admitting you need therapy can be embarassing): Um, therapy?

Insurance Wench:  Marriage or otherwise?

Me:  Uhhh.

Insurance Wench:  What we’ll do is send you a letter then you’ll take that to the therapist of your choice – that is to say, on this list we’ll provide.  After you take the letter, you can then set up a consultation appointment.  If you and your therapist both agree then a letter will be sent back and you can start sessions.

I know, it’s like a goddamn episode of 24.

Insurance Wench cont.: Then you’ll get 6 sessions a year.

Me:  Six sessions!  The fuck?  sorry, I’m very stressed.  I need therapy – six sessions?  That’s not even enough time to get a good therapist crush going.


So what to do next?  I suppose I could investigate other avenues, as they say, but I’m a busy lady.  I’ve got lots of things to do and not one of them includes putting effort into anything.

I decided to start this blog.  Once a week I’ll post a topic and maybe we can have a little discussion about it.  The rest of the time I guess I’ll just go off on whatever matters to me at the moment – but I’m warning you, if no good therapy things come up from you the reader (Hi sister!) then you’ll just get a bunch of stuff about how I think Clay Aiken is the best Idol ever, my want need to become a yuppie, current obsession Colt Harris-Moore and other dirty little secrets.  Suprisingly, I have quite a few.  I mean, not like Iran levels or anything but yeah…

Welcome.  Read the FAQs and pull up a couch.